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Go Green To Save Your Green

Going green isn't for just the hippies anymore, today your lender approves.

For Home Buyers

For buyers, upgrading an existing home may be the best option, especially with today's low housing inventory leading to higher-than-usual sales prices. Going after an older or outdated home with energy-efficiency upgrading in mind increases your range of choices. An energy assessment can be incorporated into any pre-purchase inspections. An objective home assessment can provide negotiation leverage if retrofits are needed, especially with the increasing energy costs we're currently seeing.

For the Home Sellers

Sellers, upgrading to be more resource-efficient makes the home more attractive and lends a competitive edge compared to the other traditional homes in your market. Selling your home with an energy assessment included can boost the marketability of a home especially if it scores well. An objective assessment will prove to any potential buyer the energy efficiency of your home and the benefits it can provide- comfort, control, and monthly cost savings.

Green Construction

New build = Maximum efficiency

Starting fresh so you can get the perfect breeze or optimal amount of sunlight and warmth can do wonders for your new home and energy costs. Design resource efficiency from the ground up to ensure you maximize your energy and resource savings. Employ to empower low impact building methods.



Going green doesn't mean you need to start fresh

Every needed replacement and remodeling job is an opportunity for greening an existing home. It opens the possibility for choosing more environmentally friendly and innovative building products and systems that go into new-home construction. Almost all of the newer systems you hear of being installed in eco or high-performance homes can be applied to an older home. Improving the resource efficiency of a home doesn't need to address every component of energy consumption and material choices. One project at a time can make all the difference.

Green Financing

Saving Today and Tomorrow

Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEM)

Less Utilities, more house

In today's energy market, lenders love mortgages with energy-efficient upgrades financed. Energy Efficient Mortgages are offered through FHA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac. They realize any customer can afford a higher quality home with their monthly utility bills lowered.

Improve any home with the IRA 

Use Government and private sponsored tax credits and Rebates

On August 16th the US government signed The Inflation Reduction Act into law, granting homeowners up to $7000-$14,000 in rebates and tax incentives. The largest act in United States history addressing climate change. All to spur today's housing market to be climate and utility cost conscious.
Check out this online IRA calculator to see how much you can qualify for. Contact me below with any questions pertaining to greening you current or next home!

Staying Smart and Starting Simple

Smart home devices and apps.

Real-world smart home technologies are less about gadgets and more about solving everyday household problems, providing convenience and safety, and improving the experience of living in a home. Smart homes are intelligent because the information they produce ensures the homeowners are in control and aware while at home or away. Systems like lighting, temperature regulation, and security features, all can be controlled via the Internet or by voice commands with ease of use in mind. Add one device at a time to ensure it's the proper fit for your needs and lifestyle.

Test the waters and Do it Yourself

See the savings without any major investments. Try these DIY tips to decrease your monthly utility costs.


The next easiest DIY item to tackle is your home's appliances. Upgrading your outdated appliances to ENERGY STAR™ rated ones. Although the dollar savings from any one appliance may not seem like much, they will when they're all added together. The enhanced energy efficiency can make a significant dent in your utility expenditures.

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